Do you have a DSCSA Product or Service? Are you interested in reaching the attendees at HDMA and ASHP?

We have developed a unique exhibit for both of these conferences that you can join in on.

We are bringing a wall of monitors to both events.

We are going to show a simulation of the Rx Supply Chain.

And highlight Products and Solutions that can help companies implement for DSCSA.

Your Product or Service can be part of the exhibit!

In an effort to provide unique education opportunities at the HDMA 2015 Traceability Seminar (October, 14 - 16, Arlington, VA) and in the Intelligent Pharmacy Pavilion at the 2015 ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting (December 6 - 10, New Orleans, LA), RC Partners is planning on providing two VirtualShowcases focused on pharmaceutical supply chain and the DSCSA law.  

 The Rx Supply Chain VirtualShowcase will consist of a working model of the global pharmaceutical supply chain to provide basic education of the various processes and trading partners that participate in the supply chain.  

The DSCSA Solution Provider VirtualShowcase will tell the story of the DSCSA law, display key compliance dates, highlight trading partner requirements and display information on available products and services that implementing companies are looking for to comply with the law.  

Descriptions of your company, products and services and a link to your site will be available on the monitor wall and in the accompanying brochure.  After each event, the VirtualShowcase will be available on the web along with your company's information. 

For more information on how to participate, join us on one of our informational web-seminars:

Tues, August 11, 2015 @ 3 pm eastern
Wed, August 12, 2015 @ 10 am eastern
Thurs August 13, 2015 @ 1 pm eastern 

Tues, Aug 18th @ 3 pm eastern
Wed, Aug 19th @ 10 am eastern
Thurs, Aug 20th @ 1 pm eastern
Fri, Aug 21st @ 11 am eastern

If you would like to download the prospectus on the HDMA or ASHP VirtualShowcases directly or would like to request the participation agreement for any of the ShowCases please click here:

Rx Supply Chain Collaboration Lab (where we build the ReferenceModel together)

Rx Supply Chain VirtualShowcase @ HDMA (where we tailor and exhibit for HDMA's audience)

Rx Supply Chain VirtualShowcase @ ASHP (where we tailor and exhibit for ASHP's audience)

DSCSA Solution Provider Collaboration Lab (where we build the ReferenceModel together)

DSCSA Solution Provider VirtualShowcase @ HDMA (where we tailor and exhibit for HDMA's audience)

DSCSA Solution Provider VirtualShowcase @ ASHP (where we tailor and exhibit for ASHP's audience)

We hope you'll choose to be part of this innovative education and connection experience!


The RC Partners Showcase staff