A message from our Founding Partner…

So, what do you do after 20 years of consulting to a variety of industries and have spent the last 13 developing some of the leading standards, guidelines and processes for master data management and product traceability?   

If this was the 1960’s I’d say, “we've amassed a very large rolodex (google it if you need to) of people that are outstanding in their field, love what they do and are willing to share with others.” I believe this makes for a very unique and beneficial consulting experience. It allows us immediately to pull together a unique and optimal team of dedicated professionals to address your specific project needs.

For every problem…
Let’s say, due to some of the new FDA regulations, maybe you’re interested in exploring how your company could take advantage of the data you’ll need to bring together? Perhaps you have a hunch as to how valuable that data might be to other parts of your organization? You’re now tasked with getting this message across clearly to other essential departments with which you may not have an open dialogue or connection.

 That’s where we come in.

There's a solution...
We might recommend bringing together some of our brand protection, marketing, operations and regulatory affairs partners to 1) work through where the value lies, and 2) suggest how to present it in a way that your colleagues will understand and respond to. Very quickly, you have access to our seasoned professionals who seamlessly work together to help you move the conversation in the right direction.


Welcome to RC Partners. Making it our business to stay ahead of yours.

              ­- Bob Celeste, Founding Partner