Global Pharmaceutical Track & Trace Architecture CollaborationLab

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Funding Period: August 3, 2015 - September 25, 2015 
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Lab Parameters:

  • Deliverables:  White paper and ReferenceModel
  • Time:  6 months
  • Physical Meetings: Up to 2
  • Weekly Calls:  1 - 2
  • Definition:  

Many countries around the world have implemented, are developing or are contemplating regulations to serialize, authenticate or track drugs as they move through the supply chain.

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain community will discuss developing a mechanism to visualize the efficient gathering and global movement of information in order to support the majority of regulatory needs. 

This Lab proposes to take 10 country requirements for pharmaceutical track & trace, authentication or serialization and define a viable, standardized way to transmit the required information to a regional trading partner, regulator or legal entity.  After analysis of the 10 sets of regional requirements, participants will identify the smallest set of data attributes necessary to meet most needs, as well as how to combine additional attributes upon delivery to each particular region.  The team will build a simulated model to exercise and demonstrate the common backbone and regional delivery mechanism options.  A whitepaper documenting the findings of the Lab will be developed and provided to Lab participants.