“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.”
                                                                                                                                                                 -           Robert Collier, American author

 Information Sheets for our VirtualShowcases at: HDMA and ASHP in 2015

Experiencing tomorrow, today.

As you come out of a CollaborationLab you gain insight and useful intelligence that you’re anxious to share. Information that may even suggest new ways of doing business in the future. But you may find that the increasing number of people you talk to just don’t seem to understand the intricacies of your concepts. All too often, standard presentations just can’t help you to tell your story and help them envision tomorrow.

Do you ever wish you had a more compelling way to tell your story? Perhaps a visual, virtual blueprint?

VirtualShowcases are here. Using interactive simulation, a Showcase is a powerful graphic tool for your company that allows your audience to visualize the experience and bring your Lab findings to life. You’re now in a perfect position to present your discoveries in a dynamic fashion that goes far beyond what’s typically expected today. Whether developed for potential customers, coworkers, suppliers or others in the industry, a VirtualShowcase is an entirely new and exciting way to get your message across. 

 How is a VirtualShowcase different?

It’s INTERACTIVE – Based on your presentation goals, you’re able to put desired parameters and limitations on the simulation, allowing viewers to react and respond – all in real time!

It’s ADAPTABLE – Depending on your audience and the aspects of the simulation they’ll find most interesting, you may highlight or focus on different areas to make even more of an impact.

It’s SCALEABLE – Whether you require a grand wall of monitors for a live simulation at a large conference, or when a simple display for a small office setting will do, we’ll customize a VirtualShowcase to fit your environment.

It’s AVAILABLE! – Hosted on the RC Partners website, all Showcases are readily available to Lab participants. No additional membership or annual fees are required for this online access.

How does a VirtualShowcase work?

Using simulation and other documentation that comes out of your Lab, the Showcase is fine-tuned and tailored for your demonstration venue. They can be presented via:

  • Webinar or other online sites
  • Video conferencing
  • In-person installations or presentations (large or small venues)

So don’t just tell your story, show it.

With a VirtualShowcase from RC Partners, your audience can finally experience tomorrow, today.

Click here to download the VirtualShowcase Information Lab