Prospectus Request

The following prospectuses are currently available. Each prospectus includes the charter of the team and backing options.  Once you have made the decision about your level of participation in a particular Lab or Showcase, please return a signed agreement (which can be requested here). The decision whether to participate in a CollaborationLab or VirtualShowcase must be made prior to the prospectus close date indicated below.


Most CollaborationLabs will result in the creation of generic ReferenceModel(s) that will be available in the form of an online VirtualShowcase. As a Backer/Participant of a CollaborationLab, your company will be recognized in the online VirtualShowcase and other materials (WhitePapers, ReferenceModel instructions, etc.).   

VirtualShowcase(s) at Events:

Using our VirtualShowcase process, certain ReferenceModels will later be optimized and tailored for presentation at a particular venue (conferences, seminars, etc.).  You may choose to participate in the tailoring process and be recognized in the VirtualShowcase at that venue.


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In addition to other deliverables, these CollaborationLabs will result in online VirtualShowcases. Some VirtualShowcases will also be presented at certain venues (see below). Please select the CollaborationLab(s) you are interested in:
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The following VirtualShowcases are tailored to the needs of the indicated venue. Please select the VirtualShowcase(s) you are interested in: