Rx Supply Chain Education CollaborationLab

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Funding Period: August 5, 2015 - September 7, 2015 
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As an integral member of the pharmaceutical community, you are all too familiar with the fact that many dispensers, legislators and regulators may not completely understand the intricacies of the supply chain. We hear you.

To address these obstacles, we are proud to announce the formation of the Rx Supply Chain Education Lab.  

The objective…To show, through interactive simulation – the real nuances of the supply chain. By allowing your audience to “visualize the experience” with an animated representation of the supply chain, you become part of a team of experts whose mission is to more clearly and effectively inform the community and make a meaningful difference.

The output…A VirtualShowcase that will provide you with a unique and dynamic way to detail the complexities of the supply chain that go way beyond what is expected in standard training and traditional teachings. The Showcase will be available online and exhibited at venues you deem important for your company.

Developed by you and your peers, this CollaborationLab proposes to create a model that uses real-life scenarios and circumstances to display the movement of medicine and information – from manufacturer through to dispenser. Your participation empowers your company to be among other thought leaders who came together to create this visual Rx Supply Chain Reference Model Training Tool to share with others.