Why simulation?

With an ever-changing healthcare industry, it’s important to make the right decisions for your company the first time. Systems, processes and information are so interconnected today, it’s hard to realize what one simple change could mean to the rest of your team. It’s often easy to over-engineer one area then wonder why overall productivity, communication or even morale is down ­and cost are up.  You could Six-Sigma, Lean and spreadsheet it for yourself. You could crunch the numbers, run them and crunch them again and the result will be something that only a few elite people in your organization will understand.

So, what to do next?  Go with your gut? Hire a consultant then take the blame when that doesn't work?

Whether you seek a one-time simulation project, a clear and accurate training tool, validation of modifications to a procedural flow, identification and prioritization of improvements, forecasting analysis, justification of meaningful system enhancements, or simply a quick model turnaround RC Partners can help.

With the guidance and unrivaled talent of our industry experts, we come together to develop the most dynamic, precise and meaningful simulation model for your specific requirements. Understanding that no two companies are the same, we are often called upon for our unique approach to client-centric, “real-world” scenarios to design, revise or implement your current practices. Our hands-on, team-based methodology assists you to ensure the accuracy and efficacy of your plan before it's implemented. Our careful examination and insight throughout the life cycle of your process, combined with our attention to detail, mitigates the risk to you and your company and helps you attain the organizational buy-in you seek.

To discuss a potential simulation project, please feel free to call us at 215-584-7374.

 Below please enjoy a sample Simulation Process from RC Partners.